Speciality Tractors

Tailored to fit every type of specialty farming

John Deere specialty tractors have been designed for vineyard, orchard, vegetable, high row bed, low-clearance buildings, airports, and hundreds of other specialty-type applications You want power, dependability and durability? It’s too easy when you choose John Deere.

5EN Series

5EN Series Tractors – Narrow

The 5EN Narrow Series Tractors from John Deere are designed and built specifically for the needs of orchard, vineyard, and nursery markets. In addition to industry-leading power in a narrow solution, the 5E Narrow Series Tractors offer customers better performance through its PowrReverser™ transmission, dual PTO and cab options.

5GV Series
5085GN Front Studio

5GV Series Tractors – Super-Narrow

If you need a high-powered no-compromise tractor that can snake through narrow rows or other cramped spaces, the 5GV Series are the perfect choice. Improved ergonomics, super-narrow design and the renowned qualities of a John Deere tractor make it the perfect match for your narrow vineyard

5GL Series
 5075GL Studio

5GL Series Tractors – Low Profile

Compact and manoeuvrable, the 5GL Series offer all the performance you need. Designed to work easily between low orchards, pergola vineyards and low-hanging crops, the low profile of the 5GL is the ideal choice for height-restricted conditions.

5MN Series
 5M narrow_cab