John Deere Precision Ag

Year-round payback

Year-round application, faster field performance, reduced input costs, stronger yields – GreenStar™ precision delivers all of these and more. Employ any of the groundbreaking Ag Management Solutions from our full products lineup, and watch your bottom line grow. From the moment the tyres hit the soil to the last harvest of the year, this advanced, yet user-friendly technology is ready to make you money, year after year, in all areas of your business.

Finger Pushing GS3 2630 Display
Gain An Edge.
Improve application rates, fuel economy, input placement, and land stewardship with GreenStar™ displays and StarFire™ receivers. This well-supported precision technology can be put to work quickly so you’ll get fast results — and a fast payback.
Maize Crop
Take Guidance to the Next Level

Add up everything you spent last year on inputs. Now divide by 10. That’s what you could save each year with GPS-based guidance. That’s right — university research* shows an average of 10% reduction of inputs in planting and fertilising. Add automated section control and save 20% or more. Have irregularly shaped fields? You’ll save even more.


* Auburn University, 2010