Mower Conditioners – Side Pull

The 600 series Rotary Disk Mower-Conditioners are designed to cut and condition hay in tough field conditions such as wet, tangled hay and fields with ant hills. The Rotary Disk Mower-Conditioners have several advantages over sickle bar machines, including reduced chance of plugging in tough cutting conditions, reduced daily maintenance requirements, along with increased operating speeds. The 600 series feature the proven modular cutterbar made of high strength nodular-iron for extra strength and outstanding cutting quality.

Product Description

Side Pull  – 630 Euro Spec
630 Mower Conditioner Studio Featuring a new, more aggressive impeller with cast iron pre-loaded tynes you’ll get more done with a 600 Series mower-conditioner. Producing a windrow shape that decreases crop drying time, these MoCos are built to handle tough field conditions at high speed.

Features & Specs

  • The modular cutterbar design means individual sections can be replaced if damaged, instead of the whole cutterbar.
  • A low centre of gravity and tongue shape provide excellent stability, even on slopes.
  • An aggressive impeller with cast iron pre-loaded tines or gentler, urethane conditioning rolls available.
  • Choice of standard windrow shield, powered forming shield or grouper.
Additional Models Available Upon Request

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