5MN Series

The 5M Series from John Deere is a line of utility tractors designed from the ground up for high-hour users and heavy-duty applications. Operator environments built for all-day comfort. Hydraulic capacity to handle big implements. Frames designed to absorb constant lifting and loading force. And the support of the strongest name in heavy equipment.  The 5M Series from John Deere, more than just a utility tractor.

Product Description

5M narrow_cab

From a technical point of view, the 5M Narrow Cab Tractor is identical to the standard 5M Series Tractors but due to the narrow configuration, there are some slight changes to meet dimension requirements.

Features & Specs

  • Handrails, footsteps and fenders have been modified to meet the required dimensions
  • Rated Power (97/68EC) 74kW (100hp)
  • Fuel tank capacity 170 L (44.9 gal)
Overall Tractor Width Rear (320/85 R36) 1721 mm (5.6 ft)
Overall Tractor Width Front at the Ground (280/25 R24) 1678 mm (5.5 ft)
Overall Width from Front Hub to Front Hub 1824 mm (6.0 ft)
Flange Width Front Axle 1640 mm (5.4 ft)

Detailed information can be found here. Download Here

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