5E Series (3 cyl)

Enjoy all-round versatility: 5E Series tractors provide John Deere dependability and performance to a wide range of applications, like arable farming, small-scale livestock, daily duties in dairy production as well as front loader works or tasks at specialised farms.

Product Description

 5075E ROPs Studio

Do you have livestock? Do you need to harvest cherries or apples? Are you running a small vineyard? The new 5E Series tractor applies John Deere’s engineering expertise to meet the basic needs of small-scale and part-time farmers, as well as specialty users and gardeners.

Features & Specs

  • PowerTech™ M 2.9L Engine
  • 9F/3R transmission with Inline shifting
  • Choice between 2-wheel-drive and 4-wheel-drive version
  • 540 & 540E PTO
Rated with IPM (97/68EC) 55kW (75hp)
Max Torque @1800rpm 276 Nm
Maximum Hydraulic Flow 68.9 L/min
Maximum Lift Capacity 1800 kg at Hitch Balls

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