Variable Chamber, Fixed Chamber, Wrapping Balers and Square Balers with a single focus: perfect bales every time. Whether you’re a producer, contractor or lifestyle farmer, John Deere Dealers can customise a baler to suit your needs.

960 Baler
960 Baler Studio
960 Variable Chamber Baler

Inside the sturdy frame of the 960 Baler is an industry first: an independent bale chamber with a revolutionary Fast Release System. As soon as a bale is ready, the side walls slide outwards to release it in under 5 seconds, with no sticking or blockages.

990 Baler
 990 Baler Studio
990 Variable Chamber Baler

With its innovative unloading concept and design, the 990 Baler produces more bales per hour than any other variable chamber baler. All with the consistent high quality and density you and your customers demand.

348 Baler
348 Studio
348 Small Square Baler

A faster plungerhead (93 strokes per minute) and a heavy-duty bale case with adjustable side doors makes this the ideal choice for high-volume operations.