Mower Conditioners – Twin Rear Mount

These days, there are fewer professional operators available. John Deere understands. That’s why we’ve included the wide 381 and 388 mower-conditioners in our extensive line. The 381 and 388 mower-conditioners feature two rear-mounted mower-conditioners fitted on one rear frame, in combination with a 131 front-mounted mower. The 381 give you an overall cutting width of 8.1 m, while the 388 gives you an 8.8 m width.

All machines feature a low-profile cutterbar, “V” shaped free swinging steel tynes and conditioning impeller. A twin-cylinder hydraulic design harnesses this extra width, offering easier transport and improved headland turns.

Product Description

Twin Rear Mount – 388 
388 Twin Rear Mounted in Field

Features & Specs

  • Easy to transport: Despite their size, each unit folds vertically with an overall width of 3 m.
  • Fingertip adjustment: Control all headland operations from the cab.
  • Works well on slopes: The lateral position of the platforms can easily be adjusted for cutting on hills or curves.

Combine a 381 or 388 rear mounted mower-conditioner with a front MoCo and cut up to 8.8 m. Now add guidance and you’ll take your cutting performance to a new level.

Additional Models Available Upon Request

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