Mower Conditioners – Front Mount

Front-Mounted Mower-Conditioners are the perfect machines to cut in small spaces or odd shaped fields. Their excellent manoeuvrability makes them easy to operate and their front mounted design eliminates the need to drive over standing crop… even at the beginning of fields.

Product Description

Front Mount – 131
131 MoCo in Field

The 131 features hydro-pneumatic suspension to follow contours or compensate for uneven soft ground, preserving crop stubble.

Features & Specs

  • Strong integrated platform: Heavy duty mountings on a single frame for excellent stability and long life.
  • Smooth ground following: The trapezium suspension floats over uneven ground without contaminating the crop.
  • Simple, reliable design: Conditioning intensity and windrow width can be adjusted without tools. Also available with either an impeller or conditioning rolls.
  • Consistent cutting: Same cutting quality as rear mounted or trailed MoCo.
Additional Models Available Upon Request

Detailed information can be found here. Download Here
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